Sense, Align, Thrive!

Unfolding – A 6-Week Constellation Circle with Aitabé. Begins March 17, 2021

Hone your natural empathic intelligence into a powerful partner to your creativity and intellect.

You are exquisitely designed to sense into what’s best for you, what’s best for your relationships and what’s best for the whole.

The trick is, this vast intelligence is probably not showing up as the thoughts in your head.

What is Expanded Knowing?

Expanded Knowing encompasses all of the many forms of direct perception (the five senses, the body’s felt sense, empathy, intuition, instinct, creativity) plus thought and reason. Together, these form your exquisite, expanded intelligence.

As a society, we are being called to fully tap into the potential and possibility of our Expanded Knowing to address the challenges and unique opportunities of these times.

I teach adults and young people to develop their Expanded Knowing into a practice of deep understanding, connection and awe.

We cannot solve our problems at the same level of thinking that created them.

Albert Einstein

Why Expanded Knowing?

There is a particular urgency at this time for us to develop our capacity to make sense of the information that is streaming at us from multiple sources.

Expanded Knowing brings illumination and clarity out of confusion.

Who I Am

I am Alison Fornés.

Since childhood, I have had a strong empathic sensitivity, and a powerful love for the world. This instinctive orientation meant I could merge with others, and feel their needs and desires as if they were my own. As most empaths will report, it also meant I could easily become entangled in unhealthy dynamics.

When I discovered Family and Systemic Constellations, it provided a structure for working with my empathic orientation that allowed me not to just merge and perceive, but to be of service to the healthy transformation of a system. With the support of my teachers, mentors and guides, I entered into a new phase of personal and ancestral healing.

This journey has refined my perception into the ability to use my empathic intelligence as a precise tool for accessing the flow of information.

Today, I use this intelligence to support others, and I teach people who want to access their own expanded knowing.

Expanded Knowing allows us to come into alignment with wholeness and thriving.

Who YOU Are

You are seeking wholeness.

You are called to personal healing, recognizing that your own inner alignment is the foundation to a healthy relationship with yourself and with all of the people in your life.

You have a deep commitment to a thriving planet.

Your longing for wholeness extends to your relationship with all life and the planet as a whole. You see suffering and division around you, and you are called to respond. You ask: How can I have the greatest impact?

You are called to expanded knowing.

Presence, intuition, instinct. Intellect, creativity, innovation. You have a mission in possibility!

What I Do

I coach individuals and couples. I facilitate group workshops and retreats. I teach empathic intelligence and systems sensing.

How I Work: Knowledge and Process

Knowledge: I am a systems thinker, and a trained Family and Systemic Constellations facilitator. After designing and teaching an in-depth systems thinking curriculum during my years as a high school teacher, I discovered and was trained in Family and Systemic Constellations. The combined experience and training gives me a deep knowledge of systems – personal and collective, social and ecological.

Process: I am a skilled empath and intuitive. A system functions based on the relationships between the parts. This is why systems thinking partnered with the relational/empathic intelligence will have the greatest impact.

Systemic Constellation work engages a process of systems sensing. Through Family and Systemic Constellations, my natural empathic intelligence has become a precise and powerful tool for perceiving the dynamics of systems.

With this skill, when a client presents an issue to me, I experience it as a living system – one that I can actually feel and “walk” through. Through sensing each aspect, we reveal the hidden dynamics that have you stuck.

This sensing capacity is not unique to me! I have learned how to develop it – and you can, too.

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“Alison’s facilitation of systemic constellations have provided incredible insights. I had hit a wall in thinking about new strategies and approaches for a challenge I was facing. In the course of 30 minutes I was able to “see” patterns, issues and avenues that I would never have understood on my own.”

Madeline Typadis-Snow

“I have worked with Alison on multiple occasions to help facilitate personal and community issues. Each time her work has brought me a shifted perspective and much needed insight, as well as facilitating a change within the system towards more love, understanding, and peace…”

Kate Temple-West