The Manifestation Paradox

The thriving you desire for your future – can only exist if you live it in the now.

“Wait a minute…” you say. “If it’s available ‘now,’ why don’t I have it?!”

The short answer is this:

You are constantly, unconsciously, recreating the past in this present moment.

My precious

You (like all of us!) are embedded in a web of ideas and beliefs. You are conscious of a lot of it. But there’s a lot more that’s hidden.

The hidden beliefs come from society and culture, and from your unique personal, family, ancestral and soul lineage. These beliefs are so close to you, so embedded in how you operate, that you often can’t see them – until they are reflected back to you in the difficulties you face.

You construct your identity out of these patterns. Which is why changing or releasing them can be such a challenge.

Giving up those beliefs feels to your ego like giving away a part of your identity. Why would you give away something so “precious”? (Are you also hearing Gollum of Lord of the Rings right now?)

You are brilliant!

The fact is, you are actually quite brilliant at manifestation. It’s just that you happen to be manifesting based on old belief patterns.

What if you could just drop those old patterns?

How would the world be different if you were thriving?

What would it feel like to embody ease and joy, to say yes to your authentic interests and desires, to say no to things that don’t feel right?

You see, who you truly are is a MAGNIFICENT, RADIANT, JOYFUL, UNIQUE, POWER-HOUSE of a BEING! Your BEING is your great offering, your gift to life. We need you to BE!

So, what you need to do is release those old beliefs.

This is where I come in: I guide people to release their old beliefs and patterns – even the persistent and hidden ones.

A Precise Intervention

Ready to experience the other shore?

When I was first learning to meditate, my teacher said that meditation practice is like using a raft to cross a river. We use it to get to the other side, but once we get there, we put down the raft.

This is how I see myself. Mine is a precise intervention. I work with you long enough to get you to the other side. My intention is to free you to engage fully with life. My intention is your thriving.

Crossing that river can be a long journey, a short journey – or an instant. I am your companion on that journey.

What do you want?

What calls you forward?
  • Do you long to move out of surviving – and into thriving and flourishing?
  • Do you believe “there’s more than this,” but struggle to fully live it?
  • Do you feel called to be of service to the world, but need some guidance to make it happen?

Who are you?

  • Are you an individual who is committed to your personal and spiritual growth?
  • Are you a parent who wants to nurture the unique spark of your child?
  • Are you a teacher/facilitator who wants to support your students/community to be their best selves?

My calling is to support you.

Who I am

Since childhood, I have had a strong empathic sensitivity, and a powerful, innocent love for the world. I see that now as a gift, but it took me years to understand its value.

With the support of my teachers and guides, I have been healing myself and my family/ancestral entanglements. That journey has refined my gift into the ability to use my empathic intelligence as a precise tool for accessing the flow of information.

Today, I use that gift to support others, and I teach parents and educators who want to do the same.

My personal path is about spiritual embodiment. This means that I am guided by a deep personal relationship to the Mystery, but I am here to be my joyful spiritual self in body, in ordinary life, as opposed to a monastic or secluded life. I am nourished by multiple spiritual streams, including Buddhism, the mystical Christian tradition, reclaiming lost indigeneity, and embodiment practices.

What I do

I coach individuals and couples. I facilitate group workshops and retreats. I teach parents and educators about empathic intelligence.

How I work: Knowledge and Process

Knowledge: I am a systems thinker, and a trained Family and Systemic Constellations facilitator. After designing and teaching an in-depth systems thinking curriculum during my years as a high school teacher, I discovered and was trained in Family and Systemic Constellations. The combined experience and training gives me a deep knowledge of systems – personal and collective, social and ecological.

Process: I am a skilled empath and intuitive. What makes a system function is less about the parts than about how those parts relate to each other. The challenge of systems thinking is that it relies heavily on an mental/analytic approach to what is essentially a relational/dynamic problem.

Constellation work, on the other hand, engages a process of systems sensing. Through Family and Systemic Constellations, my natural empathic intelligence has become a precise and powerful tool for perceiving the dynamics of systems.

With this skill, when a client presents an issue to me, I experience it as a living system – one that I can actually feel and “walk” through. When I sense each aspect, I can reveal the hidden dynamics that have you stuck.

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“I have worked with Alison on multiple occasions to help facilitate personal and community issues. Each time her work has brought me a shifted perspective and much needed insight, as well as facilitating a change within the system towards more love, understanding, and peace…”

Kate Temple-West

“To say that working with Alison is paradigm shifting would be an understatement: it’s paradigm exploding! This work opens realms of connection, healing, and truth that I’ve never imagined I could access.”

Jessica Simkovic