New Online Course! Introduction to the Empathic Seminar

Enrollment begins Spring, 2017

Learn to use your empathic intelligence to generate new and surprising insights about any subject of study or area of research – and dramatically transform your classroom!

What’s an Empathic Seminar like? Read this blog post for a first hand account.

Current Course is closed, but you can sign up to

Get Notified for the Next Course Offering

in Spring 2017!

Participants will:

  • Trust and affirm the authentic capacity of your empathic intelligence.
  • Learn to facilitate Empathic Seminar in your field of work.
  • Receive 6-weeks of live calls plus online office hours from Alison Fornés, originator of the Empathic Seminar (ES).
  • Connect with your classmates to establish an ES Community of Practice for facilitation practice and peer support.
  • Receive the Empathic Seminar Field Guide, a guidebook for facilitating your own ES groups.

Thought is not the only modality for processing information, nor is it the smartest – it’s just the loudest.

Intuition, emotions and empathy are rich sources of information, giving constant feedback about the systems we interact with. Yet, instead of learning from this constant flow of information, we focus on the trickle of information that comes from one narrow expression: thought.

Our thoughts get all the attention, and it’s understandable. Teachers learn that “assessment drives instruction,” and since we assess learning through language, it makes sense that we pay attention to those words in our head.  But thought is not the only modality for processing information, nor is it the smartest – it’s just the loudest.

With the Empathic Seminar, you will discover how to use your natural capacity for empathy – defined as your ability to understand and share the experience of another – for a richer, more revealing and more satisfying modality for processing information.

The Gift of Your Empathic Intelligence

When you read a book, for example, you feel a range of emotional responses to the text. You have physiological responses. You experience images and memories. There is a whole ecosystem of information flowing through you with every bit of stimulation you receive. Awareness of this constant flow of information is the first step to a brand new experience of learning.

In an Empathic Seminar, it is this powerful capacity of your empathic intelligence that we access to generate new and surprising insights about any subject of study or research. You will be in awe of just how much information is available to you, and how quickly you are able to advance and deepen your understanding of the world around you.

There is a powerful “side effect” of this approach to learning. When empathy is central, compassion and understanding, and feelings of appreciation and love, flow naturally. You experience what other participants have called “paradigm-exploding,” “transformational,” and “revolutionary”.

This course is open to any facilitator or teacher who would like to advance their own empathic intelligence, and who wants the key to radically transform their group into an engaged, dynamic learning community. This course will be focused on facilitating groups with older children through adults (12y/o+).

Introduction to the Empathic Seminar
6-Week Online Course
Next Course Offering:

Spring 2017 (Dates TBA) 

*I am SO excited to be offering this course – my first time in this format. This is a special low-cost, limited enrollment course. In exchange, I will be spending extra time with class participants to make sure the materials and approach meet your needs -and mine. Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have questions:

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