Purpose Driven? Pleasure Driven!


Alison Fornés (purple shirt, front row) with Ben Roberts and Michael Pergola and a community of other joy-driven change makers! August 22, 2017

I have been actively working for social change since 1991, when I started facilitating intergroup dialogue as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. My work has evolved today with the powerful practice of systemic constellations. After all this time, I certainly understand how easy it is to feel disturbed at the state of our society and of the planet.

But I have such a deep knowing not only of our collective capacity, but also of the tremendous earth and spiritual resources available to us. With this knowing, I cannot despair.

I also know that I can best be of service when I am present and open, when I allow my spirit and emotions to respond authentically to what arises, and when I work from my intuition as well as my intellect.

Taking all of this into account, I find that when an individual or group presents a challenge their heart aches to resolve – I feel JOY! Yes, joy! Because I KNOW that we will enter that challenge and come through the journey with treasure.

It is for this reason that I have stopped orienting my life towards such serious things as being “purpose driven”. Instead, my greatest joy is inviting a community into the creative PLEASURE of collective sensing, revelation and transformation.

MY WANT: Is for you to know your true capacity to transmute systemic trauma and activate thriving new systems for all of life.

-Alison Fornés (apfornes@gmail.com)