Our Hearts Hold the Stories of Our Ancestors

RE:SOURCE Healing Constellations

FREE INTRO: 6-8pm, Friday June 15
One-Day Retreat: 8am – 5pm, Saturday June 16
at Foundation of Light, Ithaca, NY

Join Us for a Day of Personal Discovery and Healing!


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Come to the FREE Introduction on Friday June 15 to learn more about how the stuck places in your life are related to the histories held in your body. Join us on June 16 for the One-Day Retreat to reveal and heal those stories.

The full expression of our authentic selves includes our suffering, but our suffering does not define us. Our challenges contain information: stories from our personal, ancestral and soul systems that hold the key to our joy and our resources.

During this retreat, you will have an opportunity to present a personal question. Using a group process in which everyone benefits, your inquiry is a guide that will lead us to the source of the issue so it can be seen and transformed.

You are welcome here. Bring your whole self: your shadow and your radiance, your confusion and your clarity. Transformation happens precisely because all parts of you are welcomed and belong.

RE:SOURCE Healing Constellations is an approach for accessing the original systemic wisdom of the body.

Based in the Family/Systemic Constellations process, Re:Source Healing releases the core place of trauma in our personal, family, ancestral or soul systems. Access your personal resources, step forward into your life with joy!

This is a welcoming event, open to all who are called!

Foundation of Light, Ithaca NY
391 Turkey Hill Road, Ithaca NY 14850

FRIDAY JUNE 15, 2018
6pm – 8pm: FREE Introduction to Family Constellations

8am: Meditation
9am – 5pm: RE:SOURCE Constellations Retreat

Potluck Lunch

Exchange: $111 – $188; $20 deposit to register

We encourage you to pay what makes your heart sing.

Called to attend but need a different payment arrangement? Send us an email.

Questions? Contact Alison: apfornes@gmail.com

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CLICK HERE to register!

About Alison Fornés:

Alison (bottom row, 2nd from right) and friends at the “Eclipse Retreat” she co-facilitated with Ben Roberts in August, 2017.

Alison is a skilled healer and guide who holds space with grace and presence. Born in New York City, the first generation daughter of Chinese and Puerto Rican immigrants, Alison has been on a life-long journey to resolve her own questions of longing, belonging and identity and how they intersect with power and privilege – or lack thereof. This has been a personal journey of spiritual seeking and practice, and a social journey of activism and commitment to social change.

In 2011, the threads of spirituality, healing and social change came together when she discovered the practice of Family and Systemic Constellations. She made significant changes in her life so that she could devote herself to the training and practice of constellation work, and early on, came to realize that these practices enabled the recovery ancestral ways of knowing and being. Alison continues to deepen and expand through her practices of constellation work, mindfulness practice, and an active relationship with her ancestors and the living world. She blogs about empathy and education at expandedknowing.com, she stewards an active online community for “new-paradigm job-seekers and change makers” called Movement Weavers.


About Anayza Stewart: 

Anayza Stewart in the Sacred Valley, Peru

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, the first generation daughter of Panamanian immigrants, from a young age I’ve wondered about the nature of being, belonging, and reality. My wondering about the nature of humanity has taken me on many travels through the years, beginning in Europe and expanding to Asia, and Peru where I am residing at the moment.

The journey started out as an experience of finding work that will bring joy to my life but it involved into a much more intimate and intricate spiritual journey of being. Walking the path through and out of my mind into the expansive heart; constantly discovering and aligning with the universe that resides within. This walk has included Vipassana mediations retreats, stays in monasteries, self retreats, Reiki certification, and two month long treks across the Himalayas in Nepal and the mountains of Ladakh.

What has come is a deep connection with spirit and relationship with the etheric plane in the form of access Akashic Records, channeling and intuitive healing. My being is here to share a deep understanding of self through presence. Within this present moment we carry childhood, ancestral, and perhaps past life traumas. Within this same relationship of presence we can invoke understanding, forgiving, and letting go.

I share my work in personal sessions as well as working on retreats here in Peru. I left social media in 2014 and am just now returning so there isn’t much in the word of blogs or an internet presence. I am just now returning to the internet in the form of Voices of Light which will hold more information about Alison and I.

“All a healer can do is create the space to find the healer in oneself”

This is what I know and this is what I am called to share.

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