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Our Hearts Hold the Stories of Our Ancestors

<<THIS EVENT HAS PASSED>> RE:SOURCE Healing Constellations FREE INTRO: 6-8pm, Friday June 15 One-Day Retreat: 8am - 5pm, Saturday June 16 at Foundation of Light, Ithaca, NY Join Us for a Day of Personal Discovery and Healing! Click Here to Register Come to the FREE Introduction on Friday June 15 to learn more about how… Continue reading Our Hearts Hold the Stories of Our Ancestors

Empathic Intelligence In Practice

A Deep Commitment to Change

Accessing Your Empathic Intelligence to Transform Personal, Organizational and Social Systems. All living things possess the capacity to sense into their environment and respond in ways that place the individual in alignment with the health and well-being of the whole. This is true for all variety of life and at every scale: cell, organism, species,… Continue reading A Deep Commitment to Change

Empathic Intelligence In Practice

Purpose Driven? Pleasure Driven!

I have been actively working for social change since 1991, when I started facilitating intergroup dialogue as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. My work has evolved today with the powerful practice of systemic constellations. After all this time, I certainly understand how easy it is to feel disturbed at the state of our… Continue reading Purpose Driven? Pleasure Driven!

Empathic Intelligence In Practice

Rage, Grief and Activism

The Constellation I was one of a small group of facilitators invited to do a systemic constellation around racism. The facilitator, Judy Wallace, asked us to generate a list of what should be represented. With the group size we had, we decided on White Power, Black Bodies, Child, Earth, Poor White Person. I was the one… Continue reading Rage, Grief and Activism