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Entangled with the Future?

In a classic Family Constellation, stuck, unproductive patterns are investigated as entanglements with past, often ancestral, trauma. In the typical constellation that I facilitate, for example, there's a movement through time that begins in the present, moves back into the past, and with the healing movement, returns to the present with a new orientation towards the… Continue reading Entangled with the Future?

Expanded Knowing

The Hidden Brain Podcast: Open-Minded Skepticism

Summary: A commentary on the Hidden Brain podcast episode, "Secret Friends: Tapping Into the Power of Imagination." This episode is a smart, open-minded and respectful report about people working with their minds and imagination in ways that help them "experience the invisible as real." Listening to podcasts has become one of my favorite ways to… Continue reading The Hidden Brain Podcast: Open-Minded Skepticism

Empathic Intelligence In Practice

Intuition and Instinct in Teens

Part II of my series on teaching Empathic Intelligence to teenagers. Intelligence is more than intellect The educational system is focused on developing the intellect. The intellect is viewed as being located in the brain, experienced as the thoughts we have in our head, and demonstrated through writing and test taking. My work is to… Continue reading Intuition and Instinct in Teens

Case Study, Empathic Intelligence In Practice

Teaching Empathic Intelligence to Teens: Part 1 – The Fairy Tale Game

Summary: This post describes an exercise I use with teens for developing their expanded knowing called the Fairy Tale Game. My work is oriented towards one goal: that all humans access their Expanded Knowing. Gratefully, since this is a natural part of our humanness, accessing it is actually quite simple - and even more so… Continue reading Teaching Empathic Intelligence to Teens: Part 1 – The Fairy Tale Game

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Our Hearts Hold the Stories of Our Ancestors

<<THIS EVENT HAS PASSED>> RE:SOURCE Healing Constellations FREE INTRO: 6-8pm, Friday June 15 One-Day Retreat: 8am - 5pm, Saturday June 16 at Foundation of Light, Ithaca, NY Join Us for a Day of Personal Discovery and Healing! Click Here to Register Come to the FREE Introduction on Friday June 15 to learn more about how… Continue reading Our Hearts Hold the Stories of Our Ancestors

Empathic Intelligence In Practice

A Deep Commitment to Change

Accessing Your Empathic Intelligence to Transform Personal, Organizational and Social Systems. All living things possess the capacity to sense into their environment and respond in ways that place the individual in alignment with the health and well-being of the whole. This is true for all variety of life and at every scale: cell, organism, species,… Continue reading A Deep Commitment to Change