Empathic Intelligence In Practice

Purpose Driven? Pleasure Driven!

I have been actively working for social change since 1991, when I started facilitating intergroup dialogue as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. My work has evolved today with the powerful practice of systemic constellations. After all this time, I certainly understand how easy it is to feel disturbed at the state of our… Continue reading Purpose Driven? Pleasure Driven!

Empathic Intelligence In Practice

Rage, Grief and Activism

The Constellation I was one of a small group of facilitators invited to do a systemic constellation around racism. The facilitator, Judy Wallace, asked us to generate a list of what should be represented. With the group size we had, we decided on White Power, Black Bodies, Child, Earth, Poor White Person. I was the one… Continue reading Rage, Grief and Activism

Empathic Intelligence In Practice, What is Empathic Intelligence?

Debriefing the Field Test

In the last post I described an Empathic Seminar about the "N-Word". In this post, I'll debrief the experience and address some common questions. What happened in the "N-Word" exercise? We created a constellation of the system by identifying three points in the system: "Black Person," "White Person," and "N-word". Three people stood in the center of the… Continue reading Debriefing the Field Test

Empathic Intelligence In Practice, What is Empathic Intelligence?

The Fourth Key: Field Testing

In today's post, you will read about an Empathic Seminar I introduced at a school in Bronx, NY.  This is a firsthand account of the Fourth Key to Unlocking Your Empathic Intelligence: Field Testing. I further debrief this exercise in my final post. “I want to know why my students use the N-word with each other.… Continue reading The Fourth Key: Field Testing

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The Third Key: Systems Thinking

"The idea is to pay attention to the living world as if it were a spider’s web: when you touch one part, the whole web responds."- Robin Wall Kimmerer, Interviewed by The Sun Magazine While many of us understand intellectually that we are, of course, part of an interconnected web, the dominant approach to teaching… Continue reading The Third Key: Systems Thinking

Empathic Intelligence In Practice, What is Empathic Intelligence?

The Second Key: The Felt Sense

When I learned mindfulness meditation, there was a word that one of my teachers used to describe the experience of witnessing the chattering activity going on in your brain: waterfall. I loved that they had a description for that moment when you discover the endless stream - or great rushing river - of thoughts and… Continue reading The Second Key: The Felt Sense

Empathic Intelligence In Practice, What is Empathic Intelligence?

The First Key: Motivation & Intention

When I was a high school teacher, I was very concerned with internal motivation: I wanted my students to be internally motivated to agree to the choices I was giving them! At the time, I didn't see the irony. In fact, I saw myself as a progressive, compassionate teacher. A "cool" teacher. I placed my… Continue reading The First Key: Motivation & Intention