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Let’s celebrate how it can be used to invest and grow new things in the world that can make a real difference in how we relate to each other and the earth around us!

This is the vision of my work with Expanded Knowing. With your investment in the opening of the new Center for Expanded Knowing, I will be able to develop new programs, hire and train new people, and activate new ways of knowing to reach new audiences!

I am looking to raise $7500 by April 1, 2020. Every contribution makes this possible!!!

OPTION 1: Pre-pay for your personal constellation!

The simplest way to support the Center right now – is to schedule and prepay for a personal constellation session with me! This can be for yourself or for a friend who would benefit from a session.

Constellation work is used to inquire into any issue you would bring to a therapist or coach. The power lies in the capacity of the process to drop beneath story and into underlying hidden dynamics of the question.

The session can be held wherever you are by video conference – OR, we can meet in person in the new studio in Greenfield MA when it opens!

Personal Constellation: $180


  1. Email me today to schedule your constellation <APFORNES@GMAIL.COM>
  2. Pay by Paypal to (OR USE BUTTON BELOW) or check: Alison Fornes, 69 Beech St Greenfield MA 01301


Become a Patron and receive fabulous gifts / exchanges with your monthly contribution. It’s definitely worth checking out my patreon page, just to see what fun offers are available for patrons.

OPTION 3: Make a ONE-TIME contribution.

Your one-time donation will help me OPEN THE DOORS of the new center. Thank you!


Or send me a CHECK: Alison Fornes, 69 Beech St, Greenfield MA 01301