What is a Family Constellation?

Expanded Knowing workshops and trainings are rooted in Family Constellation Work.

“The Power of Requests” A retreat featuring Constellation Work, facilitated by Alison Fornés and Ben Roberts.

Family Constellations

A Family Constellation (FC) is a process designed to bring insight and healing to participants. As FC facilitators, we are trained to understand how personal, familial and ancestral traumas impact us in the present.

Mapping and Representing Your Family System

Insight and healing are generated using tools and practices that allow us to create “maps” of your question or issue. We then “step into” these maps, often literally. By representing the parts of your system, a constellation will surface the feelings, experiences, and hidden stories present in the system. This sensing practice reveals the hidden dynamics behind your issue.

Trauma: the Root Cause of Unproductive Patterns

In Family Constellations, we are looking for a “systemic imprint”. This refers to our unconscious experience of a current relationship as if it were a past trauma or pattern. For example, we might experience a work conflict as if it were a parent-child relationship. Other times, the root cause is a dynamic that we have no personal knowledge of, but is a pattern that arises from an ancestral trauma. You can read examples here and here.

What Does Healing Look Like?

“I have worked with Alison on multiple occasions to help facilitate personal and community issues. Each time her work has brought me a shifted perspective and much needed insight, as well as facilitating a change within the system towards more love, understanding, and peace…” -Kate Temple-West

“My heart! My spirit! Alison has been for me a wise and intuitive guide and a powerful and loving companion as I journey into deeper and deeper knowing and loving of myself. I can think of no more important work than what she is doing, what I have been doing with her, and I am immensely grateful.” – Jeff Golden

Clients often feel a palpable shift after just one session. Multiple sessions allow layers of patterns to be seen, understood, and cleared. Family Constellations allow us to become ourselves more fully!

Family Constellation Retreat with Alison Fornés and Nadia Khan Kimmie.

Ancestral Connection

One of the most valuable results of constellation work is that people establish a new, living connection with their ancestors. As people living in a western, colonial paradigm, we have lost contact with our ancestors and with the earth. Through Family Constellations, we reconnect with our ancestors and the earth as kin.

Ancestral Connection Through Family Constellations

What to Expect at Your Session

A FC session can be in person or online, in a group or individually. At every session, you will be asked to share briefly about your issue/question, and to identify your intention for the session. After sharing, we will begin the process of mapping and “tuning in” to your issue. There are no special skills or pre-requisites required in order to experience or benefit from a Family Constellation.

EXCHANGE: $180 per session. Plan 2 hours for your session. Payment plans available upon request.

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“Alison is incredibly intuitive and wise in identifying critical places within us, within our history, within our families, where we are stuck or pained or limited or hopeful, the most important places we need movement and openness to be our full selves, and in bringing some breath and light to them. She has a wide variety of techniques she draws from in any given moment, based on what she senses and hears from someone about what is up for them — dialogue, guided meditation, journaling, body movement. Alison provides a deep and loving presence and ability to touch in with what is really true and necessary for someone to explore in the moment and in their life.” -Jeff Golden

“Alison sees into you. Her ability as a healer is profound, personal, and so incredibly intimate as her entire being witnesses in empathy…she uses the field and through her embodiment, seems to transcend it.” -Anayza Stewart

“Alison’s facilitation of systemic constellations have provided incredible insights. I had hit a wall in thinking about new strategies and approaches for a challenge I was facing. In the course of 30 minutes I was able to “see” patterns, issues and avenues that I would never have understood on my own.” -Madeline Typadis-Snow

“To say that working with Alison is paradigm shifting would be an understatement: it’s paradigm exploding! This work opens realms of connection, healing, and truth that I’ve never imagined I could access…” -Jessica Simkovic

DISCLAIMER: Family Constellations with Alison Fornés are provided for informational purposes only. Alison Fornés is not a licensed medical or mental health practitioner. Family Constellations with Alison Fornés do not provide medical or mental health advice, nor are they a substitute for receiving treatment from a licensed medical or mental health practitioner.

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