The Joy of Consent

Do you desire joyful, juicy, heart-connected relationships? If so, root yourself in conscious consent.

A World Without Harm?

Conscious consent has to do with living in sacred relationship and honoring the boundaries of another, whether that other is a romantic partner, a neighbor…or your dinner!

Let me explain:
A few years ago, I co-facilitated a workshop with my friend Ben Roberts on the Power of Requests. At that workshop, one participant made a request that stayed with me for months, like the sand that gives rise to the pearl. She said, “I make this request to the Universe: a world without harm.

I heard that and thought – that’s impossible. Isn’t “harm” required for life? If I eat a carrot, aren’t I violating the boundaries of the carrot and causing harm?

From Harm to Harmony

What I came to understand is that we can, indeed, transition to a world without harm by entering into harmony. As I wrote on my Patreon blog,

To objectify and use something without care; to violate a boundary without consent, respect or honor – this is how I’ve come to define harm.

To regard another as sacred and cross their boundary with consent; to make use of something with gratitude, respect and honor – this is how I have come to define harmony.

Using the intuitive Family Constellation process plus the rich wisdom of Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent ®, participants will